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Barber School

Are you tired of your job? Find yourself unfulfilled or bored with what you are doing for a living? Do you work well with little to no supervision? Do you like to help other people? Tired of working outside in the sun?

Maybe barbering is for you. The trade has had a big boom as of late. With so many men flocking back to traditional barbershops and no longer wanting to go to unisex salons. The 60's and 70's was a bit hard on our craft due to long hair becoming a trend and barbers not wanting to learn or do shear cuts. The barbers who didn't learn or want to do shear cuts on longer hair started to feel it in their pockets. Many barbershops closed due to this, and unisex salons made a big push and took a big part of traditional barbershop clientele. So it is in our best interests to learn more than just how to perform clipper haircuts. We must be diverse, for longer hair is making a come back, some will say it never really left. We have seen a boom in clientele returning to the barbershop, but long hair and shear cuts are here to stay.

When choosing a barber school make sure that they will teach you more than the basics. The state of Texas requires minimal competency so ultimately it is up to the Barber School to teach the students what they need to be well rounded and successful. We have dual licensed (cosmo and barber) Instructors that will teach you the best of both worlds. So that you will have a leg up on recently graduated barbers and a better chance at a successful career.

Stop by and see what we bring to the table. We can help you achieve your goal of becoming a barber and possibly become a business owner some day.


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